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South Silk Saree in Thane

South Silk Saree in Thane is popular for their richness and hand woven styles. Some of the popular South Silk sarees include Kanchipuram silk sarees, Dharmavaram silk sarees, pure silk sarees and handloom printed silk sarees. These sarees are related with luxury and splendour. While South handloom silks were an integral part of processions and weddings in South India, they are now being worn by women in all parts of India. South Silk Saree in Thane is known for their golden borders, rich waves and heavy patterns. The distinctive feature in South Silk sarees is the conflicting borders with gold jari dots. They have pulsating designs printed on them like the sun, chariots or parrots. Some of the popular motifs in the South Silk Saree in Thane include the Mallimagu that has a bud within a square or Thandavalam that has parallel lines across the entire body of the saree. South Silk Saree in Thane used to be a sign of opulence and nobility, but with the start of mechanized looms, it has become very reasonable and is easily available to the masses. At craftsvilla.com, we truly uphold your love for silk sarees. We endorse the best collection of South Silk Saree in Thane from all over the country and you will definitely find your pick with us. Just enter your preference and you are good to go.